Our terms and conditions are devised by keeping in mind our noteworthy clients. You are requested to go through all these before placing an order with us. These will be helpful for you if you intend to place an order with us.

We are grateful to you for choosing our services for you. But before you place any order with us, we would like you to go through all the clauses of terms and conditions. As once you have placed an order, we would assume that you have agreed to all the sections of terms and conditions.

As soon as you drop an order with us, we are entitled to withdraw our fee from your account by using your bank details, which you provided while filling up the order form.

We strictly condemn the use of unauthorized credit cards, which is why you are advised to refrain from such practices which could affect our relationship.

If your order is delayed because of issues at your end, such as low internet connectivity, or spams then we wouldn’t be held accountable to delays in anyway. So make sure that you have got a stable internet connection in order to avoid worries in future.

If you have issues with the quality of the order or you are not happy with the content of the order, you are advised to ask for revision at earliest. Free revision is done within 15 days of delivery for small or medium orders and 30 days are allocated for large orders. So, go through your order as soon as you have got it and ask for revision if you have issues with it.

You can also ask for a refund within three days of delivery. Afterwards, no such requests would be entertained by us under any circumstances.

If you want to cancel your order, then it should be cleared to you that registration fee would not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Your order can be delayed due to following factors:

Late Payment

you are requested to pay on time in order to get your order back in time. So, have your payment done at earliest to get your order delivered in time.

Unclear Instructions

The instructions, which you have written during the time of placing an order, would lead to delay in your order, if they are unclear and ambiguous. It is advised to clearly narrate all your instructions, which are not contradictory to each other. So that our writer would complete the order in time.

Insufficient supporting Documents

you are requested to attach all the supporting documents along with order form, so that you are able to get your order completed and received in time. Try to complete your essential documents beforehand in order to get your order completed in time.